How might we increase composting and processing of organic waste on campus?

Challenge Summary

Green Campus Cooperative from the York’s Office of Sustainability is working on a Community Composting pilot project. Part of this project involves undertaking a review of composting programs across Universities in Canada (and possibly elsewhere) to draw insights as to what can work best here at York. We are looking at both how they practically work (e.g. cafeteria and office kitchen composting) and at methods for measuring the economic and environmental benefits such a program will bring.

Another part involves a running and collecting data on small-scale pilot composting and vermiculture projects on campus. This is a more ‘hands-on’ project that would involve working with Food Services and Facilities at York (at Keele campus, and possibly Glendon) to set up the collection and processing of organic waste at different sites on campus, including Maloca Gardens. We are particularly concerned with determining the practical application of the finished compost product, whether to grow food or to integrate it as an organic fertilizer source for York’s horticultural needs.

Sustainable Development Goals


The Office of Sustainability is an administrative office under the Division of Finance and Administration at York University that is dedicated to advancing and incorporating the principles of sustainability across York’s campuses.

The Green Campus Cooperative specializes in Certified Fairtrade and Organic cotton products (that’s all we do!). Our affinity buyers included universities, student organizations, NGOs, co-operatives, socially responsible businesses and faith groups, as well as government agencies and programs.

All of the proceeds from our cotton garments sales go to support experiential education programs that teaches students about sustainable supply chains.

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