How might we encourage more people to take up roles in healthcare in a post-pandemic world?

Challenge Summary

Healthcare worker retention has become a huge issue during the pandemic. Although nurses initially reported optimism about supporting each other through the first wave of COVID-19, this changed to exhaustion, anger, and frustration by the third wave. One report contributed these health professional’s mindsets to how employers were managing a depleted workforce while workload had substantially increased

A mass exodus of healthcare workers has been observed of frontline workers leaving their profession due to burnout causing many to consider early retirement or taking a career break. It is imperative that we determine which factors are leading healthcare workers to these decisions and provide alternatives in this post-pandemic world.

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The Nursing Student Tutoring, Ambassadorship & Mentorship Programs (NSTAMP) is a student-led association that collaborates with Stong College and the School of Nursing to assist incoming and current nursing students transition into the three nursing programs offered at York University: (1) Collaborative, (2) Second-Entry, and (3) IEN – Internationally Educated Nurses.

We provide different types of services that will assist students in their university experience including tutoring, mentorship, and lab sessions. Events held by our ambassador committee helps support students, increase student engagement as well as provides students with a sense of community on campus through engagement with qualified and enthusiastic Peer Leaders.

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Email: nstamp.yorku@gmail.com

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